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If players have any objection against tap4fun games or customer service, please email any relevant material or information to: support@tap4fun.com for further support.

How to deal with disputes among players:

When disputes occur among players but fail to be resolve by consensus, players can contact customer service within the game to coordinate.If you are temporarily unable to reach customer service, email us at: support@tap4fun.com
Project Introduction

Helpful gaming tips from relevant organizations/committees/associations of China
With the popularity of the Internet among teenagers, it is very common that minors will play Internet games. To protect minors, parents should supervise and guide children in addition to the government's management in this field. We hereby provide the following suggestions for minors who play Internet games:

1. Control your online time. Gaming is only a simple relief from your study and daily life. Participate enthusiastically in in your real life, off-line activities and have your parents understood your Internet gaming behaviour and experiences.
2. Avoid games which waste too much time, like MMORPG or Player Killing games. Students at school should spend no more than 2 hours weekly and spend no more than 10 RMB monthly.
3. Never use games to replace your spiritual sustenance. Talk with families and friends when you are stressed or experience setbacks.
4. Cultivate an active and healthy gaming mindset, avoiding comparisons, flaunting, hatred, revenge, etc. Avoid unhealthy network behaviour and habits like bullying or robbery.
5. Protect you personal information, including that of your family, friends, school, company address, telephone, etc. Take precautions against network traps and cybercrime.

If you are bothered by your kids' gaming situation and plan to apply for supervision, the procedure is:

Guardian sends application -> CS receives materials -> Return visits -> Account affiliation decision -> (1. Account matched -> Supervision available; 2. Account not matched -> Inform parents and get account back)

Supervision Service Application

Download and fill in Guardian Supervision Service Application for Tap4fun Minor Players
Warm tip: When you are sending us an application by post, please remember to attach the following materials:
Attachment 1: ID (social security number) of applicant as well as its copy
Attachment 2: ID (social security number) of respondent as well as its copy
Attachment 3: The legal documentation to verify the guardian relationship (registration book or other legal valid files)
Company operation address: #302, 3rd Floor, Building 3, District A, No.1129, Century City Road, Hi-Tech Zone, Chengdu, China
Postcode: 610041
Project-dedicated telephone: 028-85185301
Project-dedicated fax: 028-85185301
Chengdu Nibirutech Inc(tap4fun) was founded in 2008. Tap4fun is a game developer who is committed to produce the world's top mobile game products, having independent research, development and operational strength.The company's headquarters is located in Chengdu, and branches are in Beijing , Hong Kong, Thailand and Paris.The team has reached more than 500 people.

Currently, the main business of the company focuses on developing, operating and investing in mobile online games. Tap4fun has produced some games such as Brutal Age, Invasion,Galaxy Legend, Galaxy Empire,King Empire,Spartan Wars and so on.

tap4fun will always adhere to the purpose of Life Long Learning and Make Something People Love, keep innovating gaming experience with the state of art technology, producing more and more high-quality mobile games that loved by global gamers!
  • A big dream, dreamed up by 5 people, in Beijing
In a teahouse near Zhongguancun, Beijing, 5 young men got together and decided set about their undertaking.
  • 10 people marched to Swan Lake, Chengdu; expand market by technology
5 young men started the dream from Swan Lake, Hi-tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan Province. They employed some pals filled with belief and passion. So, a software development team of 10 people was born.
  • tap4fun - story - 2008
  • Incubation Park, a 10-person team, transition: self-developed products
  • Twitter Bird Developed
  • Mobile Rss Developed
Bitterness was born along with the dream. At the beginning, all else was dropped so that they could be fully devoted and start the development of App Store apps.
  • Officially released the first app: Twitter Bird
Tap4fun released its first App. It was great joy and excitement to see the first product, it was like the first child of the company. All members of the team vowed in their heart to make the product perfect!
  • tap4fun - story - 2010
  • tap4fun - story - 2010
  • tap4fun - story - 2010
  • Released the first game product: “Island Empire”
  • Put “Galaxy Empire” online, ranking first on the App Store Top Grossing over 15 countries and regions
2011 was Tap4fun's first year entering the mobile game industry. Being different from other companies, Tap4fun aimed at the overseas markets and developed sparing no efforts. Since then, Tap4fun developed quickly.
  • Put “King’s Empire” online, 3 days after being released, it ranked 1st on the paid list in China; and later entered into the top 3 rankings on paid lists in both Hongkong and Russian
  • “Galaxy Empire” ranked first on the App Store Top Grossing of America
  • “King’s Empire” ranked first on App Store Top Grossing of China
  • Tap4fun was on the Top 52 of top global app publishers on App Annie (only 2 Chinese companies were on the list during the same session)
It proved that Tap4fun has made a smart choice to develop the overseas market. Broad global vision gave Tap4fun a lot in return in 2012. At the same time, Tap4fun expanded quickly to over 100 employees. The great early achievements made by Tap4fun's game products laid its foundation for success.
  • tap4fun - story - 2012
  • tap4fun - story - 2012
  • Put “Galaxy Legend” online, it was featured by GooglePlay multiple times; ranked 1st on Russia’s Top Grossing on July, 2013
  • Tap4fun established Baotuan Tech
  • Tap4fun was on the Top 52 of top global app publishers on App Annie with a 37th business volume (only 5 Chinese companies were on the list during the same session)
  • Tap4fun won the award of “Best SLG Game of 2013” from Pocket Bus
  • “Galaxy Legend” was elected as the “Best Science Fiction Game of 2013” by Science World magazine
2013 was the beginning year of mobile games. With years of technology acquisitions, Tap4fun's unique market strategy was working to the full. An awakened lion making its way out of the mobile game companies! At the same time, the establishment of Baotuan Technology marked Tap4fun's marching into capital market.
  • Established Paris Studio
  • “Spartan War II” was launched
  • Officially renamed as “Chengdu Nibirutech Limited Liability Company”
  • “Invasion” was launched
  • Elected as one of the “Top 20 hi-tech and fast growing companies of 2014” by Deloitte
  • Tap4fun was on the Top 52 of the top app publishers globally on App Annie with a 45th business volume (only 5 Chinese companies were on the list during the same session)
Tap4fun became more mature after its fast development. More game products were launched, meanwhile Tap4fun grew to be more strict on quality control and tried to get better in all aspects. It was the only company to be listed in App Annie's top 52 global app publishers for three years in a row. And the company made a total revenue of about 500 Million CNY and recruited aprox 400 employees.
  • tap4fun - story - 2014
  • tap4fun - story - 2014
  • tap4fun - story - 2014
  • Put “Royal Empire” online
  • “Invasion” was elected as the “Best Mobile Game of the year”
  • Tap4fun won the title of “Most Influential Company” in the 2015 Mobile Game Golden Fun Election
Tap4fun kept developing overseas business, and became familiar to Chinese as well. More and more people took notice of such a dedicated mobile game company in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.
  • Tap4fun was elected as one of the “Top 10 APP Design and Development Companies”
  • Put online “Star Warrior”
  • Put online “Brutal Age”
  • Tap4fun was invited to Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook’s symposium in Beijing as the only mobile game company
  • Tap4fun was elected as one of the “Top 10 Chinese Oversea Business Development Companies”
With years of focusing on the overseas market, Tap4fun was a well known Chinese brand. Tap4fun's marketing strategy was recognized by the market.
  • tap4fun - story - 2016
  • tap4fun - story - 2016
  • Established Beijing Studio
  • Listed in the Top 19 Chinese Global Brand Builders published by Brandz and Google
  • Invasion ranked among the top 20 in the 2017 China Overseas Mobile Games Revenue Report
  • Brutal Age ranked among the top 30 in the 2017 China Overseas Mobile Games Revenue Report
  • Winning the top 30 Chinese Global Brand Builders 2018 announced by BrandZ coperated with Google again
  • Established Beijing Chuang’ai Technology
  • tap4fun - story - 2018
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“Anything you'd like to share with us, don't hesitate to contact us!”