3 Core Features of Tap4Fun Games

Although each game begins in a different direction, we have three general features (or principals, if you will) that we adhere to with each app:

#1: Universal Everything

iPhone & iPadMany of us have iPhones and iPads and switch between them several times a day. When we do that, we don’t want to buy an app we like twice – we want to purchase it once and have access to it on any device that we use. So we develop for iPhone and iPad at the same time so players can enjoy the experience on any device they own.

#2: Free, Regular Updates

Each app we release receives the support it needs and we routinely deliver new gameplay elements and functionality along with bug fixes in our free updates. Basically, we give our apps the attention they deserve by keeping them up to date, in cooperation with the player community.

#3: Free Support

If you’re having trouble or need help, contact us and we’ll get back to you. We’ll do our best to resolve your problem and guide you toward a solution. We love hearing from players and use feedback to pinpoint bugs and determine what gameplay changes to make. You can contact us in game or on our contact page.