Invasion: fight for the last land!


In the year of 2020, government has collapsed, and waring factions have risen in the ashes,  you will be competing against and cooperating with others from all over the world, It won’t be easy, you will rely on your allies to achieve larger goals.

At the same time though there will be groups of other players competing against. You’ll want to make sure that you’re staying up to dates with as many updates  as you can to compete with rivals who will be conspiring against you.

The new world is waiting for you.

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 Invasion Features

  • Plunder the enemy, and expand your territory while stealing resources!
  • Know your enemies. Collect intelligence to dominate opponents!
  • Know what the enemy is up to with a real-time panoramic map!
  • Attack and plunder crucial “monuments” with your guild members!
  • Experience the constant change and surprises of real-time battle!
  • Create diplomatic ties with other players as you see fit!
  • Fight in huge Monument Wars with tons of other players!