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Originally founded in 2008 and named NibiruTech, the name Tap4Fun was coined with a pivot to entirely develop mobile strategy games in 2011. While NibiruTech was met with success, creating popular apps like TwitBird and MobileRSS, Tap4Fun ushered in a new era which brought millions of players from around the world connected in competitive but accessible mobile strategy games.

Humble Origins

Tap4Fun started as a humble group of just a dozen employees in 2011, and with its first three releases Island Empire, Galaxy Empire, and King’s Empire (known within Tap4Fun as the “Empire Trilogy”), the foundation for their empire was established.

In 2012, App Annie ranked Tap4Fun within the top 52 app publishers worldwide, and more recently ranked in the #37 position in 2013 among the world’s top developers. In these 2 years Tap4Fun released Spartan Wars and Galaxy Legend to popular appeal, and the Tap4Fun headquarters grew to over 350 employees. Its rapid development has also included a newly-opened studio in Paris, France as of the summer of 2014.

Moving Forward

With these assets in place Tap4Fun looks forward to releasing more games which delight the world, and aims to create games which we are proud to recommend to our families and friends.

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