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Mech Strategy

Postby admin » July 30th, 2016, 1:16 pm

Mech Acquisition Strategy

As a game which centers its core gameplay around mechs, collecting and developing mechs is undoubtedly its key feature. As the official news has revealed, during the test there will be 24 collectible mechs. So, aside from the default mechs we receive as standard at the beginning of the game, let's take a look at how and where we can find the others!

In the Warp Gate, consume amounts of Cubits or Credits to warp in resources with a chance of getting mechs. Of course, compared with Cubits, warping with Credits will have a higher probability of getting mechs.


Each day there will be 5 free Cubit warps, and every 45 hours, there will be one free Credit warp.

Also worth noting is that, as is traditional with this genre of game, using Credits to warp 10 consecutive times will yield a 100% chance of getting a mech. A guaranteed raffle mechanism will secure your investment!

RNA Chip Synthesis

If you aren't interested in Warping in mechs, then you can head over to the Elite Stages for RNA acquisition and mech Synthesis. By doing so, we can make plans to acquire the desired mech and not have to rely on luck to obtain it.

On the mech page, tap the + button next to the RNA progress bar to enter into the Galactic Sanctum of a specific mech.



Moreover, on the Universal Map, tap on the menu option in the bottom right of the screen, we can also enter the challenge page and select Galactic Sanctum to carry out Elite Stage challenges.


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Гостиница в старинном особняке

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Ресторан в отеле вилла кадаши
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